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 Dynamis Rules

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PostSubject: Dynamis Rules   Sat Nov 08, 2008 1:35 am

1. Attendance and Lotting Rights
1.1 Lotting rights
For every member of the dynamis LS, you must attend 2 out of 4 runs before having the right to lot any AF2 or AF2-1. Wishlist
1.1.1 2 out of 4 attendance will allow you to wishlist 1 AF2.
1.1.2 2 out of 3 attendance will allow you to wishlist 2 AF2.
1.2 Inactivity
If you are unable to attend dynamis for a long period of time due to RL reasons, please notify a leader of your absence. You can return as regular member after 1 successful run.

2. Dynamis Drops
2.1 Wishlist/Comment
Every dynamis, you can comment on/wishlist (as in /seacom) jobs’ AF2 (or AF2-1/accessory in CoP areas) or synthesis material as defined in 1.1. Only 1 AF can be obtained per dynamis run per member. Comment/wishlist will be confirmed and cannot be changed after the entry of dynamis. This rule does not apply to free-lot items.
2.2 AF2
For any AF2, a member must be able to equip unless it’s called for free lot.
2.3 AF2-1
For any AF2-1, a member must have the corresponding AF2 piece unless it's called for a free lot.
2.4 Synthesis Material
Synthesis materials including the following: relic iron, sparkling stone, lancewood log, colossal skull, infinity core, giant frozen head, griffon hide, fresh orc liver, wootz ore, slime juice, goblin grease.
2.5 Experience Point Scrolls
All EXP scrolls (e.g. Ginuva's Theory) will go to sacrifice puller.
2.6 Dynamis Currency
Dynamis will be sponsored by designated member of the LS. Lotting on dynamis currency is prohibited unless otherwise stated by the sponsor. Dynamis sponsor will not lot on any AF2, AF2-1 or synthesis materials in City dynamis. But 1 wishlist is allowed for COP dynamis and dynamis-xarcarbar.

3. Behavior and Attitudes

Members who disobey leaders’ directions will receive warnings for their action and may be kicked from LS for repetitive negative behaviors. Members who AFK without notice and/or for long period of time may be considered as missing a run.

4. Amendments
All the above is subject to change to improve the LS and better members' experience with mutual agreement between leaders. If you have any questions or sugessions, please feel free to PM any of us or send tell to Sallex, Stella, Kaydee, KittyStalker and Jonarine.
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Dynamis Rules
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